Energy healing

An Effective, Holistic Technique For The Treatment of Physical Illness, Emotional Blocks, Mental Obstacles and Spiritual Issues.

Benefits: Shed negative emotions, connect to your inner-healer, let go of limited beliefs, improve your mindset

All Healing is Self Healing

Energy medicine continues to have a tremendous positive impact on my life. Energy medicine along with yoga and meditation have helped me recover from years of self-abuse from eating disorders, inner negative narrative, and limiting beliefs. I believe that if I was able to heal myself anyone can. My work is simply to facilitate the ceremonies and allow your natural healing abilities to do the work.

My intent is to help you heal on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To do so we will heal the root cause of your issue so that it no longer triggers you. Your session may include energy work, a shamanic journey (similar to a guided meditation) or both.

The ceremonies, can help you:

  • get you in touch with your own inner healer
  • shed traumas, negative story lines or hurtful relationships that are holding you back
  • unmemorize self-limiting emotions
  • reclaim your power
  • gain resilience and emotion intelligence

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