Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is nutrition that looks at the connection between body, mind and spirit as integral pieces of the picture, as it has now been

scientifically demonstrated that our state of mind and spiritual wellbeing affect our physical health, and vice versa.


Registered Holistic Nutritionists educate, motivate and empower you to achieve optimal health and lead healthier, happier, symptom-free lives by:

  • constructing simple, nutrient-dense meals and snacks that boost energy, mood and focus.
  • identifying and addressing sensitivities and deficiencies, while removing any necessary obstacles so that the body is able to heal itself.
  • Creating and living healthy lifestyles and routines, while clearing out what’s not working.
  • Managing stressors and optimizing digestion.


What to expect during your visits

At your initial assessment, which will be 60 minutes, we will go over your completed dietary, lifestyle, and health history forms (which are emailed to you upon booking), discuss your concerns and  goals and begin to map out a personalized action plan; with a few recommendations to begin incorporating into your routine.

At follow-up sessions, which will be 30 minutes, we will discuss any progress or set-backs since the last visit, modify your plan as necessary and add in new changes as appropriate. We’re in this together.

If you are looking for nutritional and lifestyle support this is the perfect way to start!

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