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Infrared Sauna Special

Sauna Special

From Jan1 – Feb28

 We are offering $10 (tax included) FAR infrared sauna sessions for the month of January 2015!
 Our dry heat sauna is a great way to start your New Year off on a healthy note. FAR infrared carbon heating panels produce a wider softer heat which is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Great for skin care, lowering blood pressure, aiding in detoxification (especially after all of those delicious holiday treats ;)), and weight loss. Stimulate your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and your lymphatic system.
This dry heat therapy is also wonderful for anyone suffering from psoriasis or arthritis. Soothes aches and tempers itchiness. Got any overworked muscles or injuries where it’s been recommended to apply heat? Sauna it.
If you find regular saunas hard on your breathing, don’t worry. With this type of sauna the air is not as hot as in a traditional sauna, so you won’t find that you have any difficulty enjoying a full breathe.
Sessions are 45 minutes and the temperature control is at your fingertips.
Towels can be rented for $2 for those of you who are spontaneous after work shvitz-ers!
Call ahead to secure you session at (613)235-7243 or book online at
Day of appointments are typically available, however, booking ahead is ALWAYS a good idea.
*Please note that when coming in for an Infrared Sauna session we do NOT provide towels. We ask that you bring them along with you for your visit. When you book a session in our sauna you will have the room for 45 minutes, and are welcome to stay in the sauna for as long as is comfortable during that time. Packages available, great as gifts to friends, family or yourself!


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