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Our Second Annual Clothing Swap & Bake Sale

Ottawa Massage ClinicSage Wellness and Rama Lotus Yoga Centre are hosting our 2nd Annual Clothing Swap and Bake Sale.


All proceeds from clothing and baked goods sold will be going to Hopewell Eating Disorders Support (, an organization that is close to Sage Wellness’ heart. Hopewell is Eastern Ontario’s ONLY eating disorder support centre. A not-for-profit registered charitable organization created in 1999 by three Ottawa mothers who were driven by a common goal to help their daughters overcome their battles with anorexia.

Any clothing not sold will be donated to a shelter for women and children escaping abusive homes. They often leave their lives behind with empty arms to ensure a swift departure and then have nothing appropriate to wear when they try and re-enter the work force, look for new homes, or attend a new school. Due to the sensitive nature, and the safety of all the individuals involved, we cannot provide the name of the shelter.

$5 will get you entry and 3 tickets. One ticket per clothing item, and one ticket for 3 baked goods. Extra tickets can be purchased for $2 each. Revamp your wardrobe with charity in mind!

Last year participants were heard saying
“Wow, there is a lot of stuff here!”
“I brought that…I think I want it back now.”
“I didn’t realize how nice that dress was until it was on you!”
“Only $2 per item? I only brought a $20, guess I better keep looking.”
“This is awesome, I’m so happy I came!”
“No, I don’t want change.”

You can find the event on Facebook here. Also – book an appointment, or contact us regarding a session.


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