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Christine Northan RMT is now a certified Foot Reflexologist!

biopic-christineYou heard that right! Our very own Christine Northan (RMT) just successfully completed her certification in foot reflexology.

Reflexology is ancient Holistic Therapy that promotes your body’s ability to self heal.  Foot Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in your feet that correspond to every area of your body.  Therefore by stimulating both feet you can promote balance in the body, supporting every organ, improving circulation & energy flow. Because Reflexology works the Nervous System directly – I like to think of it as a full body massage – from the inside – out !  You can read more on it right here, on Christine’s blog!

Wanna see Christine perform the treatment to the sweet sounds of Ottawa’s own Ukrainia? We got you…

Interested in trying a treatment out? Book an appointment or contact us.

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