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Ceremony Of The Month


Courtesy of Sageling Tania Frechette


Tania is offering 50% off one energy healing ceremony each month in 2016 to help you feel your best all year long.

Here are more details about the ceremonies. Please contact me if you would like to book a session.

January – Chakra Balancing: A subtle yet powerful ceremony where your chakras will be accessed to see if they are balanced, blocked or damaged and then through energy work the Chakras will be realigned and balanced. The benefits are more energy, stability and balance.

February – The Awakened Heart: The purpose of this ceremony is to undo the harm that we have caused and to call our energy back and redistribute it in a healthy way.

March – Rainbow web sequence: A comprehensive healing of the aura and total energy systems.

April – Animal totem journey: An animal totem is meant to help a person gain qualities, characteristics and medicines they need to better and more fully live their life.

May – The Ancient One: The Ancient One is a supreme protector of the Old World. They are very powerful beings who act as guardians against Dark Forces, and hey are one of the things that the Dark Forces fear. It may seem ironic, but Natural Law stipulates that even the Dark Forces must be afraid of something that is usually healing. These protectors have the benefits and advantages of many worlds of knowledge and experience.

July – Fire Orb: Each person has an energetic immune system, and each time that system encounters sorcery from a particular source, it learns from it. Similarly to how  your immune system develops antibodies a Fire orb can help you build “sorcery immunity” so that some people or things no longer trigger you or interfere in your life.

June – Cords and Cord Cutting: We all have energetic cords that connect us to people. Cutting toxic cords that connect us to certain people helps to neutralize the relationship.

August – Butterfly Attunement: The Spirit of Butterfly is invited into the Scared Space to help facilitate healing.

September – Medicine Wheel Stone Healing: With the help of medicine stones you will make the unknown, known and allow for healing to take place.

October – Downward Spiral: This ceremoney helps heal intense emotions, or emotions of any kind, and potentially the root cause or source of those emotions.

November – Interdimensional Journey: To meet a master version of yourself and merge with them to recieve healing and new a pattern.

December – Forgiveness: Forgiveness is not validation of a wound or saying that what happened is ok. Its sole focus is on doing what needs to be done to allow the healing process to begin. Forgiving yourself and others is one of the best things you can do for healing.

Questions? Let us know! Book an appointment or contact us.

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