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Barefoot Office Workout #1!


We would all like to add more physical activity to our day, but by the time we get home and make dinner our motivation drops off. My solution is to convert a 5-15 minute break into a workout.

Tip: if you sit at a desk all day you should stand up at least once every half hour. Pick and exercise and rep it out during a one minute break.

Barefoot Office Workout #1
This workout is great for working up the core and glutes for people who spend most of their day sitting.

Exercise 1) Kickbacks
This exercise relies on core stability and glute activation. Keep the spine neutral and the hips level

Exercise 2) Toe and elbow plank
Core core core core. Keep that core engaged (Brace like someone is going to punch you in the stomach… Then dial it back 50%. Do you feel that?). Lower those shoulders from your ears, they aren’t earrings. Breathe.

Exercise 3) Sliding kicks
Lower into a shallow squat. Transfer your weight to your standing foot and slide the other to the side. The more weight you put on the sliding foot, the more challenging the exercise. Keep that spine neutral.

Dr Jennifer Brazeau, BA DC



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