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Get Ready for your Golf Game!

Hello Sagelings and Golflings!
Summer is certainly upon us. By now we are all enjoying the heat and humidity (to a certain extent). At this point, most of us have had ample opportunity to hit the golf courses and shake the dust from our clubs. Unfortunate many golfers have run into some speed bumps in their summer golf careers. Injuries can happen to recreational golfers and pros alike. Injuries happen for many reasons and are often avoidable. Injury prevention is a key component to prolonging your season. A golf swing is a complex movement that shouldn’t be attempted after hours at a desk or in the car. A moderate warmup followed by golf specific stretches will go a long way to shortening the midsummer drop off list.

*note- If you are already injured speak to your chiropractor or other health care practitioner to assess you specific injury and readiness to return to play.

Dr Jennifer Brazeau, BA DC


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