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Thai Massage 101

There is something deeply relaxing about being on the floor. It seems as though the support and firmness of the floor allow for the body to yield more fully to gravity, encouraging a much longer and deeper breath which in turn allows muscular tension to dissipate. 

Thai massage differs from regular massage in that no oils or lotions are used, it is done fully clothed, on floor mats. Your body is moved and stretched while being massaged. Some of the many benefits include:

Enhanced Energy Flow: Thai massage works off the belief that tightened muscles lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can’t flow freely, you become tired, suffer pain and feel stiff. Clients report a stronger sense of vitality following a Thai massage.

Pain Relief: Studies suggest that the movement involved in Thai massage provides longer lasting effects on painful physical conditions such as low back pain. This is likely due to the full body nature of Thai massage, where stretch is delivered to all the muscles that contribute to the pain restoring balance. Thai focuses a great deal on the legs and feet (areas often underappreciated), resulting in a feeling of lightness and easy movement.

Stress Reduction: At first glance, Thai massage appears to be a lot of work because you are not lying still. However, when you are able to let go and allow your body to be moved passively, the rhythmic motion of Thai massage has a way of lulling your nervous system into a deep state of ease.

Christine came to thai massage accidentally while attending a yoga workshop in 2002. The experience inspired her instantly to explore the modality further and shortly after, she completed her thai massage training. Christine worked for 10 years doing thai massage exclusively before becoming an RMT.

*At Sage, thai massage is covered by your benefits, just as a regular massage is.

Curious about which style is right for you today?

Thai massage is great (but not exclusively) for inactive bodies and active minds. It is an effective way to energize a sluggish system, calm an agitated mind and begin the process of repair to stressed immune cells. Because thai massage is always full body (with a lot of focus on the lower back and legs), it is a great remedy for lower back pain.

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