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We are in a Collective Initiation.

With Shelley Harrison

I’ve been quiet since the covid-19…what do I even call it…scare, epidemic, pandemic, revelation, interruption, incident…INITIATION.

I’ve watched my inbox fill up with all kinds of responses, reactions, comments, interpretations. I’m not much of a bandwagon person, so I’ve just sat back and watched, listened. 

I spent 2 full days navigating my own terror trigger. Two days in freeze response, and then melting into 5 year old hysterical crying, and back into freeze. I used up a lot of kleenex.

It’s an odd thing to go out for a walk and notice you can’t feel your legs. Hunh…look at that, I’m in freeze. My training has taught me to watch it, feel it and be with it.

Last week, knowing my balance was way off, I called one of my healer colleagues who just got the ok to do distant work. Stupendous treatment. I feel deep access now to the quiet initiatory space inside of myself and I want this deep retreat time. 

(If you have an image or assumption about me as a healer, that I always have it all together…it’s a projection! I’m very human.)

The reason why I don’t mind at all being with your profound grief, terror or rage, is because I feel mine, deeply. I’ve been there. Often.

To keep energy unblocked and in flow requires allowing feelings to move, express, and then move on to the next weather pattern. It’s a discipline as a healer. 

When you repress emotional energy, it becomes compressed, depressed, a block in your field waiting for a trigger to set it off.

This crisis could be a pretty potent trigger for a lot of latent content in your field!
I feel we are in an INITIATION worldwide. 

I think of the young men’s and young women’s initiations I have witnessed in the Sacred Fire Community.

These traditional rites of passage help adolescents move through the initiatory energies that biologically and spiritually arise at that age. A ritual container is needed to ‘cook’ those energies into the right internal web of consciousness so they can step into adulthood in a manner congruent with their soul’s path, that will serve their community.

They are swept up by the community elders into a ritually closed space for the right amount of time, with the right conditions, to complete the transformation process. They do not know what will happen in that container. The ritual protocols are kept secret and sacred.

When you are in the middle of an initiation experience, you don’t know who or how you are going to become. You just know you are being changed. 

All you know is there is a power inside of you that needs to emerge–something inside of you that needs to be granted it’s life.

When you emerge, it takes time to live into your new becoming.
How do you want to engage this time intentionally?

Are you in retreat/self-isolating? Are you still working? Are you trying to get home from travel? Are you ill? Are you attending to your children who are home from daycare and school? How have your work and family routines shifted? What is your new reality, your new container?

Do you want to engage playfully? Restfully? Carefully? Fearfully? Tentatively? Angrily? Prayerfully? 

What is your prayer for your own transformation through this initiation?

Or do you hope it will just go back to ‘business as usual’ once the danger passes. 

Let’s hope not. If there is one thing humanity needs right now in our political, environmental, and social crises, it’s initiation into a new way of being with one another, the world, how we take care of one another, our communities, our earth.

Do you want to be the same when you emerge from the ritual container? Or do you want to be different after this? Do you want something inside of you to be ignited, awakened, activated, engaged? 

Do you want initiation.

Some indigenous peoples have managed to maintain these life-maturing rituals. The old ways of doing this for humans are lost to us modern ones.

So perhaps the world has to help us out how it can and put us into the fire.

How long will we sit in the ritual container? Just 3 weeks? Four weeks? Longer.

I say, as long as the world sees we need to in order to be changed inside.
I am continuing to see clients at this time, in a mindful way. By phone consultation or online.

I am here for you if you are afraid, triggered, or now want to attend to your soul and take advantage of this time of initiation. Perhaps now you have time to heal, to listen to yourself and the world more deeply.

Each time we do a healing session or treatment, it’s a little initiation; into truth; into greater soul access. Each one is a little purification that strips away suffering, confusion, pain, stuck energy, outdated patterns that restrict you. More soul shines forward…your True Nature.

That is who you are meant to deliver to the world, and into your own life, for the highest good of both.
Here is how I see I can help you right now:

*If you feel like you are soaking up the fear from the collective consciousness, I can help you clear it out and strengthen your boundaries.

*Are you stressed, tense or overwhelmed? If you can’t calm down, and it’s turning into symptoms such as–headaches, physical aches, pains and strains, digestive upset, anxiety, interrupted sleep, inability to think clearly, I can help you settle your nervous system down out of it’s high state of activation and discharge the bound fear energy.

*I’m still helping with all the other challenges that didn’t go away because there is a global crisis! Relationships (maybe they are more tense because you are shut in together, or maybe you are finally getting the quality time to connect you need), work stress, life direction, guidance for your soul’s path, energy blocks that compromise your health and immunity.

*If you are a health-care worker or your stress load is higher because your job has become more demanding, you need MORE SELF-CARE. I can work with you online to keep you balanced and resourced.

*If it’s time to get down to business and get your ass into gear to activate your Life Purpose (personal life task), and World Task, I can align you directly with your Hara line which holds these templates for you. 

I’ve added a special 30 minute online session if you need help to get out of a stress loop, and budget is a stress right now. The session is $70.

And if you are just starting to get bored…give my Free Aura Healing Checklist a download. You can dive deep into what healthcare and self-care looks like from the perspective of each of the 7 Levels of your Aura.

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