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Hypermobility, and How Osteopathy can help!

Hypermobility: How it can affect you and how Osteopathy can help

Hypermobility is a term used to describe when joints move beyond their normal range of motion. Have you ever seen an acrobat bend in extraordinary ways? They are most likely hypermobile. Hypermobility is however common in the general population AND it can lead to pain and increased risk of injury. 

Severe hypermobility syndromes do exist but the majority of people are affected mildly.

More information about hypermobility syndromes available here:

Symptoms of joint hypermobility include:

-pain in muscles and/or joints

-recurring strains and sprains

-joints that dislocate easily or feel like they “pop out”

-poor balance or coordination

-stretchy skin

-tire easily

-joints that “crack” easily 

Tips From Carolyn Smith DOMP:

My clients with hypermobility have taught me alot! As someone who is flexible but doesn’t have over-mobility in my joints, I don’t feel first hand the daily impacts of hypermobility. The issue with hypermobile joints is that due to the increased joint range of motion, the muscles around the joints react to “protect” from injury, resulting in muscle pain! It is important for people with hypermobility to prevent the body from going into “panic mode”.

It is agreed upon that an increase in joint stability through extra resistance training is ideal for those with hyper-flexible joints. Examples include weight workouts, resistance band work, and hatha-style yoga.

It is also key to point out that conscious muscle contracting (squeezing) while doing anything from walking, yoga, biking (etc.) can help the joints feel stable so the muscles don’t panic.

Learning where joint range of motion should be to decrease the risk of injury, and not stretching beyond that

Understanding that stretching has more benefits than lengthening muscles, and knowing that even if you aren’t “feeling” a stretch, it doesn’t mean you are not getting the benefits. Other benefits include effects to the neuromuscular system which impacts muscle function and calms the nervous system.

How osteopathy can help

Osteopathy can help with hypermobility by treating the symptoms of discomfort while also providing guidance with life-style and exercise therapy. 

The Osteopathy treatment would consist of: 

-Posture assessment

-Learning the limits of joint range of motion

-Treating muscle pain without over mobilizing joints

-Guidance with joint posture during exercises and stretching

-Feel good effects of treatment!

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