Emily Dunn RAc

Registered Acupuncturist/Dog Lover/TED Talks Enthusiast
I chose to become a Registered Acupuncturist out of curiosity about how the body works.
With some dabbling in quantum physics, I have developed an interest in the energetics of the
Locating acupuncture points takes skills and accuracy. As a detail-oriented person with an in-
depth understanding of human anatomy, I excel at this. I graduated in acupuncture at the top
of my class and have since completed further trainings in Japanese-style acupuncture, facial
rejuvenation, as well as a practically magical technique called the Balance Method – which
almost instantaneously relieves my patients’ pain, much to their disbelief.
Clients can expect a warm yet serious practitioner who really listens to her patients. I want
you to be comfortable and relaxed, which means I provide ample pillows, a warming lamp
and a heated table.
In my spare time I enjoy taking my dog to the dog park and watch her unleash her free spirit,
or walk in the forest on a warm fall day, when the colours are at their peak. I also quite like to
watch TED Talks and Netflix.

Emily’s COVID Schedule

Monday 11:00am – 4:30pm

Thursday 11:00pm – 4:30pm

Areas of focus: Chronic and Acute pain management, digestive,

sleep and fertility issues

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A Sageling since 2020