Qasim Sadiq DOMP

Manual Osteopath, Fishing Enthusiast & Music Devotee


As a long-time footballer, I’ve suffered many injuries and sought help in many places. It was only when I was referred to an osteopath that my pain started to go away. 

Fortunately for me, the practitioner was a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy – the same institution, where I eventually graduated. After two weeks of treatments and at-home stretching, I was fully recovered. This osteopath was the one who convinced me to pursue manual osteopathy as a career. 

Although the discovery of the discipline came as a revelation, I strongly believe that we are our most precious ally. I provide the tools and the knowledge while the rest is completely up to you. This being said, I know it’s not easy. Life has taught me that empathy can go a long way when seeking to make long-lasting changes

In my personal life, I practice what I preach but I don’t take myself too seriously. In addition to being an urban poling master trainer and practicing sports (football, basketball and soccer), I love vintage cars and sports cars.


Manual palpation, musculo-skeletal joint mobilisation, muscle energy techniques (MET), soft tissue therapy

*For religious reasons I only work with male clients.

Qasim’s  COVID Schedule

Tuesday 11:00 – 5:00

Friday 11:00 – 5:00


Musculo-skeletal injuries, post-surgical conditions, strength, posture, flexibility, overall physical wellness 

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