Myofascial Release

When a body is aligned and balanced, it moves with greater ease

Benefits: Improved range of motion, reduction in restrictions and scarring, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage

Myofascial release is a manual technique, used to manipulate the fascia. The fascia surrounds all of the organs, muscles, and bones in the body and can influence the positioning of the skeleton. The therapist uses their hands to apply various pressures to the fascia and follow its path in the body. In response to the pressure, the body releases the pull that the fascia has on surrounding structures. This release helps to relieve pain and improve postural alignment.

This technique is highly effective in treating any fascial restrictions in the body which could result from previous injury, chronic postural problems, surgical scars, chronic overuse syndroms, and much more. This technique is done directly on the skin without oil and targets the fascial tissue, which in turn effects the muscular tissue. It can provide relief from conditions ranging from lower back, or neck pain, restricted range on motion in any joint, and headaches. Myofascial work can also help to improve mobility and strength when working towards reaching fitness goals, such as training for a triathlon, or marathon.

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