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Why is Shoveling Such a Pain in the Back!? by Qasim Sadiq DOMP

Who else is feeling a little achy from shoveling all of this snow? I mean, it does make everything pretty, but moving it out of the way sure can be taxing on the back. But, why? If not done properly, it can put undue pressure on back bone discs leading to Disc Herniation And Ruptures! […]

Articles under: osteopathy

Our Summer of Self Care is BACK!!

During the month of July 2019, for every treatment you receive at Sage Wellness, you will be entered to win a 60 minute Massage Therapy a MONTH for the next 12 months! 🙌 Massage Therapy Osteopathic Athletic Therapy Chiropractic Naturopathic Medicine/Nutrition Registered TCM Acupuncture/Cosmetic Acupuncture Nutrition Energy Healing 🙌Book you appointments by calling (613)235-7243 or […]