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Get Ready for your Golf Game!

Hello Sagelings and Golflings! Summer is certainly upon us. By now we are all enjoying the heat and humidity (to a certain extent). At this point, most of us have had ample opportunity to hit the golf courses and shake the dust from our clubs. Unfortunate many golfers have run into some speed bumps in […]

Articles under: ottawa chiropractor

Barefoot Office Workout #2!

  Hey Sagelings. Welcome to Barefoot Office Workout #2. This workout is all about cleaning the floor. Great way to earn brownie points. It’s also about stability. To complete these exercise you have to wake up the core. Your core isn’t just those pretty washboards. Your core is a 3 dimensional barrel made of several […]

Articles under: ottawa chiropractor

Barefoot Office Workout #1!

  We would all like to add more physical activity to our day, but by the time we get home and make dinner our motivation drops off. My solution is to convert a 5-15 minute break into a workout. Tip: if you sit at a desk all day you should stand up at least once […]