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Make yourself a cup of love :) with Lailee

Immune Boosting Tonics There is something so soothing about a warm tonic!  Nevermind the ingredients, even the ritual of making and drinking it can foster a deep sense of well-being.  These three recipes below are just examples of tonics you can whip up to bring yourself & your family a little piece of peace.  Hopefully you […]

Articles under: ottawa sage wellness

We are in a Collective Initiation.

With Shelley Harrison I’ve been quiet since the covid-19…what do I even call it…scare, epidemic, pandemic, revelation, interruption, incident…INITIATION. I’ve watched my inbox fill up with all kinds of responses, reactions, comments, interpretations. I’m not much of a bandwagon person, so I’ve just sat back and watched, listened.  I spent 2 full days navigating my […]