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Make yourself a cup of love :) with Lailee

Immune Boosting Tonics There is something so soothing about a warm tonic!  Nevermind the ingredients, even the ritual of making and drinking it can foster a deep sense of well-being.  These three recipes below are just examples of tonics you can whip up to bring yourself & your family a little piece of peace.  Hopefully you […]

Articles under: Ottawa self-care

Time to Self Care

Oh my goodness. Can we all agree that things are kind of crazy right now? Everyone is experiencing their own challenges right now with the current COVID19 situation, and every challenge is valid. Some folks are unable to work (current company included). Others are trying to work from home while they now have children home […]

Articles under: Ottawa self-care

What does self-care look like for you? With Teresa RMT

Something we all strive to find in life is balance – or so we say, but what does that even mean in today’s busy world? Seems like every time I pay attention there are newer, better ideas of things I need to be doing to help me better my life, and better myself. We have […]