Check out what some of our clients are saying about us.

I came to get a massage on the recommendation of a friend. I had been on a trip and stiff in my neck, back and shoulders.

The massage I received was thorough and effective. Days later I feel more freedom of movement and sense increased circulation from the mix of massage and trigger point work. I highly recommend massage therapy to anyone in need of repair from the wear and tear of life and seeking rejuvenation.

Ray M.
Ottawa, 2013

Came to the clinic for an acupuncture session and was very satisfied by the level of professionalism I received. Excellent service and great technique.

Martin F.
Ottawa, 2013

I’ve seen several practitioners at the clinic and have found each one of them to be professional and skillful as well as caring.

Alli M.

I saw a chiropractor who is also a massage therapist. This was for my back and plantar fasciitis.  He was able to relieve my back pain in three sessions and the plantar fasciitis is definitely getting better; it’s a process. Thank you. Overall the clinic is well run, professional, appointments are easy to obtain and the receptionists are delightful. Highly recommended.

Jamie A.

My sedentary job led me to a breaking point in my tolerance and endurance for back pain. My massage therapist helped raise my awareness of my spine and posture, and to my surprise [treatment] not only alleviated my pain, but positively affected many other parts of my life. Since I’ve started receiving treatments, I’ve noticed I have better sleeping patterns, more restful sleep, no back pain in the morning, more energy throughout the day, and I even notice a positive change in my digestive health!

Sarah C. M.
Ottawa, Ontario - 2012

For me, the soothing ambiance of Sage Wellness confirms the high calibre of professionals working in the space. From the wide array of natural healing services to the beautiful artworks on the Sage Gallery walls, the clinic is my one reliable source for an unrivaled self-care experience.

Jocelyn V.
Ottawa, Ontario - 2012