Welcome to Barefoot Office Workout #2.

This workout is all about cleaning the floor. Great way to earn brownie points. It’s also about stability. To complete these exercise you have to wake up the core. Your core isn’t just those pretty washboards. Your core is a 3 dimensional barrel made of several muscles from the diaphragm to the pelvis. The more solid you keep that barrel, the more successful you will be at these exercises and at preventing future pain or dysfunction.

Barefoot Office Workout #2
Exercise 1) Static squat with foot circles
Get into a moderate squat and shift your weight to the standing leg. Circle the other foot. This exercise activated the core and glutes while exercising the hip movers.

Exercise 2) Plank with shoulder circles
Start in a hand-toe plank. Engage that core. Power up your legs (squeeze the back line of your body) and shift your weight to the standing arm. Once you feel secure, circle the arm. This will work on full body stabilization and shoulder movers.

Exercise 3) Glute bridge reps
Squeeze your bum and legs and lift into a bridge. Make sure those feet are nice and solid. Slowly lift and lower your bottom at a controlled pace. You should feel it in your glutes and core.

Dr Jennifer Brazeau, BA DC