Naturopathic doctors are a pretty eclectic bunch – so much so that even
our patients don’t always know everything we have to offer! This month, I
wanted to share some information about one of my favourite hands-on
treatments for muscle and joint concerns.

Cupping is an ancient form of treatment, and one frequently used by
naturopathic doctors and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I
like to describe cupping a bit like a “reverse massage” – instead of
pushing down on tissues, a vacuum is created in the cup, which is then
placed on the skin. This causes the tissues to be pulled upward.

There are numerous techniques that are used with cupping, but my favourite
by far is sliding cupping, in which the cup is slowly moved along your
muscles. The technique can help increase circulation and lymphatic
drainage in the area (and thus speed healing), as well as help to loosen
up muscle, fascia, and scar tissue, leaving you with better mobility and
improved overall recovery. It’s great as a standalone treatment, but it
also can serve as a fantastic complement to your massage, acupuncture,
chiropractic, or infrared sauna treatments!

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