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Physical stress (trauma) and emotional stress can both affect the human body

Physical stress can be from a sports injury, work-place overuse, or as a result of poor postural habits. These stressors can damage tissues and heighten the pain response.

Emotional stress triggers the autonomic nervous system to switch into sympathetic (flight or fight) mode. Prolonged stress unbalances this part of our nervous system which can lead to overstimulation and a change in muscle tone. On the conscious level, this may feel like neck or back pain with no direct trauma.

I see cases where the body overstimulates the muscles of our neck, shoulders and back into being overactive. It is common to shrug our shoulders and clench our jaws when we are emotionally stressed or focused. Everyone has unique behaviours and some are more affected then others. I also see a number of injuries occurring due to poor postural patterns during everyday lives.

“over time the body is less able to compensate and symptoms begin to appear” –A Pathway to Health

Osteopathy can help with acute and chronic body pain by decreasing muscle spasms and re-balancing the functions of the body. Your manual osteopath will educate you on proper postural habits, rehabilitation methods, and offer tips on how you can improve your situation.

Learning unique ways to deal with stressors, improving posture, and changing working habits will help set yourself up for success.

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