Something we all strive to find in life is balance – or so we say, but what does that even mean in today’s busy world? Seems like every time I pay attention there are newer, better ideas of things I need to be doing to help me better my life, and better myself. We have this filtered way of viewing the world through social media which has us believing we need to keep up with these impossible standards of socializing and busy-ness that have us all feeling exhausted. I have clients all of the time apologizing for not coming in sooner – and I try and remember to congratulate them for coming in no matter how long it has been! After all, with all of the demands that life has on each of us, it is something to be proud of to have prioritized one’s health.

Self-care comes in many different packages and means something different to every person. For one person it may mean making it to their yoga class 3 times each week to help them feel balanced, for another it may mean managing to get a shower every other day (if it can happen), and for another it may mean getting some treatment for that pain that has been nagging them for weeks now. We all face our own challenges to taking care of ourselves whether it be mental health challenges, time constraints, lack of support, or financial restrictions.

If there is one constant I have learned over the years with self-care it’s this – it truly is SELF-CARE. Nobody else can do it for you. Not even someone who loves you to the moon and back. It has to be done by you, for you. You cannot take care of others unless you take care of yourself first. Taking time to check in with yourself, listening to your body and your experience in the world will give you clues as to how you can add a little self-care into your life today. I have made a nice list below of ways you may want to care for yourself today…no pressure of course. ?


– take time to cook yourself something nice, and enjoy eating it
– take a nap
– spend time in nature (walking, sitting in a park, breathing in some fresh air)
– move your body (dance, breathe, run, sweat)
– read an inspirational book or article
– buy yourself some flowers – or enjoy some in nature (when they arrive again)
– book an appointment with your health care providers to take care of that nagging health concern
– call a friend and have a good chat
– try something new
– listen to an uplifting podcast
– do something creative (bake, draw, colour, paint, sing)
– come in for a massage
– listen to your favorite songs
– act in service to someone who needs it
– give someone a hug


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